Secure payment


You have the option to make a payment either in cash on delivery, or by debit or credit card or by
depositing the amount to the below listed bank accounts of our business:

A. Cash on delivery payment:

You can pay in cash on delivery upon delivery of your order to the representative of the
cooperating courier company or to the representative of our company.
In case you select the cash on delivery method of payment, you will be charged with an
additional amount of three euros (3.00€).​

The cash on delivery payment method is applicable only for deliveries in Greece.

Β. Payment by Credit/Debit Card

You have the option to pay by debit/credit card following the instructions included in this online
shop. We inform you that our company does not store the debit/credit card data you insert while
​making a payment and uses a SSL system for the security of your transactions. You are solely
liable for the proper registration and the accuracy of the inserted card data.
Our business is cooperating with the National Bank of Greece, which provides card transaction
management services via Internet. The system of the cooperating Bank and its subcontractors or
third servants accepts the data of your card on behalf of our business in accordance with the rules
of the secure standards PCI DSS, as in force. In addition to this, if the holder of the card is
registered to the MasterCard Secure Code or Verified by Visa services of the issuing Bank,
he/she can be verified through the Unique Personal Code.
Our customer – holder of the Card, after having signed in to our online shop and after having
ordered the products or services he/she wishes and following selection of the consideration for
the card transaction, he/she is transferred (through pop-up, redirect or i-Frame, at the business’
discretion), from our online shop to the System of the cooperating National Bank, where he/she
should insert the required data appearing on the screen, clicking the mandate for payment by
The Holder should insert the following data appearing on the screen:
●The number of the Card
●Expiration month and year of the Card
●The verification number for the authentication of the card appearing on the back side of
the Card
While the data required from the Business are:
●The payment reference
●The amount of the transaction
●The number of instalments, if applicable
The services provided by the cooperating Bank are in accordance with the international standards
PCI DSS, as published and in force in the website
According to the above described process, the customer, by accepting the present terms,
authorizes our business and/or any legally licensed Payment Institution cooperating with our
business to collect money from the customer’s bank account on behalf of our business.
Following successful completion of the transaction, the transaction data, as well as a
personalized reference number, necessary for the communication of the card holder with our
business regarding this specific transaction, appear on the screen. All payments shall be made by credit/debit cards (VISA, MasterCard, American Express,
DINERS and Discover). Our business undertakes that it will not store nor share any information
related to the customer’s card to any third party. In case your card has been charged by any third
party without your proven consent to this, you are entitled to cancel such charge by addressing a
relevant request to the Bank, which issued your card.

C. Deposit of money to the Bank Account:

You have the option to pay your order through a bank account. For your convenience, please
share with the bank the Order Code as description of the transaction. Then, please forward us
the deposit certificate via e-mail. The deposit of money shall be made within 48 hours following
the completion of the order, otherwise your order is cancelled. The deposit can be made to one of
the following bank accounts held by our company:

Alpha Bank
Trade name: SIGANOS I. MON. A.E. .
IBAN: GR1101406690669002330002119

Piraeus Bank
Trade name: SIGANOS I. MON. A.E. .
IBAN: GR8501727560005756107620601

Trade name: SIGANOS I. MON. A.E. .
IBAN: GR3602601690000530201185313

National Bank
Trade name: SIGANOS I. MON. A.E. .
IBAN: GR5901103020000030200721097

Trade name: SIGANOS I. MON. A.E. .
IBAN: GR8770100000000617744227501

If the transfer of the money is made by another Bank, all the relevant charges are born by the
sender (select OUR for transfer through e-banking). Please click on this selection for the
completion of the transfer, otherwise your order will not be completed.
The bears no liability for the transaction terms, or the terms of use or the
personal data terms, adopted by the abovementioned suppliers, who are cooperating with our
business for the completion of the transactions.

D. Cash payment

​In case you wish to receive the order from our physical shop, you have the option to pay in cash
or by card at the cashpoint.