Magic. Wine. Authenticity

A wine can
your world!
How can we "fly"?

How can we bring
magic into our lives?
There are many ways...
It may be through
a book
a meeting with
beloved friends
or a music
that takes us
For us at Mr Vertigo,
is through Wine.
A mean to get in touch with somehting
superior, with our very own nature. In ancient times
wine was associated with
mental uplift and even today
we seek the return to nature and
A wine hides in it the authenticity that
connects us to the real world, the natural world.
Is there anything more true
than the vineyard and the people
who cultivate it?
Besides the vineyard, in open dialogue with Nature is the human
that produces the wine. Wine is the creator's means
to transform his philosophy. An art you can taste, isnt't
this magical? They say if you drink from somenone else's glass you learn his
secrets,but definetely if you drink from someone else's wine there are no secrets that remain hidden.
Our philosophy
The winelist of Mr. Vertigo is a mirror
of our restless spirit, of all that we love and
and we respect and they reveal to us the "magic" of wine.
We believe in...
Οργανικά Κρασιάnatural wines
organic winesΒιολογικά κρασιά
and biodynamic Βιοδυναμικά Κρασιά wines.
But at the end of the day
removing the labels, our goal
is our list reflects
the way we love drinking
small producers
minimum interventions
highlighting the specificity of each terroir
emphasis on indigenous varieties
uniqueness and authenticity in the character
This is what we are looking for in our wines...
...and the people behind them, their
stories,their effort, the tension
of their year. Sometimes that's Cephalonie,
Naousa or Crete, other Loire, Etna, Barolo or
nothern France.
In all cases we talk about
the heart and the souls thet these
people seal in the
We talk about
their truth.
The wine world is a magical world
ready to be explored.
Follow us in this journey and
and put the magic that is missing in your life.

The team

  • Giannis Pappas

    Giannis Pappas

    Store Manager
    the superstar, the personification of the organization
    and the problem solver.
  • Nikolas Malapanis

    Nikolas Malapanis

    the unruly youth, ask him what you want
    he will always do it with a smile
  • Sotia Davaki

    Sotia Davaki

    Marketing, Communication
    the immobile, active,
    who always enjoys communicating
  • Harris Vrionis

    Harris Vrionis

    thirsty for learning, always with positive energy carries your order
    with love and attention like no one!
  • Giannis Siganos

    Giannis Siganos

    the Master Yehudi,
    the tireless source of ideas, visions, daring!
  • Giannis Gougoutoudis

    Giannis Gougoutoudis

    the tireless "how can I be useful?"
    supportive and always ready for war!
  • Matina Pantou

    Matina Pantou

    Retail Sommelier
    the coolest, most chic side of the team
    you will trust her in no time,
    and you should
  • Giannis Zorgianos

    Giannis Zorgianos

    the biggest wine lover,
    hard practice moved him to the top
  • Gregory Michailos

    Gregory Michailos

    Wine Consultant
    he does not fit the endless texts he writes
    nor the presentations he always speaks with energy,
    how to fit two lines this type?
  • Nikolas Paraskevakis

    Nikolas Paraskevakis

    the teaser of the team, the communicative
    always wants to learn new things
  • Giannis Klouvidakis

    Giannis Klouvidakis

    Retail Sommelier
    the Cretan spirit, the soul of the company.
    Trust him.