The completion of an order in our online shop constitutes a distance sales agreement. The
selection of the products at the shown price (including VAT), plus the delivery expenses,
constitutes a binding purchase proposal for the selected products. The order is completed by its
final submission following acceptance of the present Terms. Following final submission of your
order, you will receive a confirmation email at the email address registered, that your order has
been successfully registered to our business’ system and that your online payment has been
successfully completed; such confirmation email does not constitute acceptance of your purchase
proposal for the selected products. The acceptance of your purchase proposal is completed only
once your data and the availability of the selected products are confirmed. The sales agreement is
concluded only if the flag “Available for delivery” appears to your member account or once you
receive a relevant email at your registered email address. The customer is entitled to cancel the
order at any time until the Final Submission of the order. Upon the Final Submission of your
order and thereafter, your order can be cancelled following a relevant declaration addressed to
our business and more specifically to the contact details notified to you following submission of
your order, i.e. FILIKIS ETERIAS square no. 15, P.C. 10673, KOLONAKI, ATHENS, as well as
by email to the following address [insert email address] with the indication “Cancellation of
Order” including the order code, within two (2) business days.