Privacy Policy


The protection of the personal data of any customer, user or visitor of our online shop is a top
priority of our business. For this reason, we have taken the appropriate technical and operational
measures (pseudonymisation and the encryption of your data) for the protection of your data.
The protection of your personal data is governed by the present terms in accordance with the
applicable legislation L. 4624/2019 in conjunction with L. 2472/1997 and the General Data
Protection Regulation 2016/679 (“GDPR”) of the European Union. By visiting our online shop
you accept, by granting your explicit consent to, the collection and processing of your personal
data only for specific, legitimate and strictly defined purposes related to our scope of business
according to the below mentioned. You may revoke or amend your consent at any time by
sending an email to the below email address …gdpr@.... We may proceed to the processing of
your data in order to implement the existing contract between us, or in order to comply with our
legal obligation or in order to serve our legal interests mainly related to the scope of our
business. Our business is bound not to proceed to any further processing which is not in line with
the above listed specific purposes. The personal data collected are the absolutely necessary for
​the processing purposes. In addition to this, the data storage period is the minimum required and
such data are periodically reexamined or deleted. Each user/visitor guarantees that the personal
data related to him/her and submitted to our online store are accurate and original and that he/she
has the right to submit such data. You are not obliged to notify your personal data in order to
browse on our online shop, unless you wish to receive further services, such as use of our
emailing service, where you will be asked to insert your data. In order to register as a member
and have access to the services offered to our members, you have to insert the data required in
our online shop, such as your name and surname, your address, your contact details (email,
telephone number), date of birth and you have to grant your explicit consent to our business to
keep and process such data. By accepting the terms of use and by granting your explicit consent,
the data registration procedure for the potential member is completed. Once the visitor/user has
completed the registration procedure, as specified by our business, he/she will receive
confirmation of a personal access code (password) and of the user name, which will be
determined by the user; the password and the user name shall be the sole responsibility of the
user. The members agree to be immediately notified following any attempt for unauthorized use
of their account and for any existing and/or potential breach in security. In addition to this, the
members are exclusively liable for the diligent use of their account and for the typical singing out
of their account upon completion of any use. For any transaction with our online shop, you have
to notify to our business your personal data, such as your name and surname/ trade name, your
address or the address of your seat, the address to which the products should be delivered, in case
it differs from the registered address, your tax registration number, the competent Tax Office and
your profession (the last three are necessary in case of an invoice issuance), your contact details
(email, telephone number), as well as the payment details. These data are not notified to any
third party, apart from the company responsible for the maintenance of our website, the
institution which enables the online payments and the transport companies, which must also take
all the necessary technical and operational measures for the protection of the data; we also share
the absolutely necessary personal data with Facebook for personalized marketing purposes. Our
business hereby informs you that, if required, and after relevant information, you will be asked to
grant your consent to the use, notification and in general processing of your personal data in
accordance with the applicable legislation for the following purposes:
●For purposes of fraudulent transaction control services, including services for the
prevention of fraud and non -authorized transactions etc. provided to our business by the
cooperating bank or its subcontractors.
●For purposes of processing and/or settlement of reversals, differences and disputes by our
cooperating bank or its subcontractors.
●For conducting analyses, reports etc. for statistical purposes by our cooperating bank or
its subcontractors provided that such analyses, reports etc, will not lead to the
identification of the subject whose transaction was used for their preparation.
●For compliance purposes with the applicable legislation.
​●For personalized and individualized marketing via Facebook.
The submission of personal data by juveniles is immediately deleted from our online shop. In
any case due to the nature of the majority of our products as alcoholic drinks, juveniles are not
permitted to enter into any transaction with our online shop. We hereby inform you that
regarding the protection of your personal data there are explicit rights in the applicable
legislation L. 4624/2019 in conjunction with L. 2472/1997 and GDPR 2016/679, such as the
right of notification regarding the data kept and the processing method, the right of access to the
data, the right to correct or update the data, the right of deletion, unless there is an imperative
legal ground to continue processing such data, as well as the right of portability of data. You may
address your requests to the phone number: +30 210 7250862 or via email to the following email
address: gdpr… and we will fulfill your right within a one-month period, unless it is impossible
for us to fulfill such rights. In such a case, we will update you accordingly explaining the
relevant reasons. In addition to this, we hereby inform you that you have the right to report any
potential violation to the supervisory authority, i.e. the Hellenic Data Protection Authority. In
case we notice any violation of your personal data, which may jeopardize your rights and
freedoms, we are obliged -and we will- immediately notify such violation to the competent
supervisory authority, the Hellenic Data Protection Authority, if possible within 72 hours and in
certain cases, we will inform the data subject, as well.


Our business, following your explicit consent granted prior to any text messaging, may use your
personal contact details, in order to share via email or via sms updates related to new products or
newsletters regarding current offers or sales. When sharing data with third parties working on
behalf of the company, we use our best efforts to safeguard their written compliance to our
personal data protection policy.