Winery Tatsis

Wine producers, Real Artists!

Tatsis brothers literally live and breathe in the vineyard 24/7, having chosen a different approach to wine making since the very beginning, namely biodynamic culture.

They observe and try to understand the needs of their certified organic vineyard and their interventions are always subtle. Stergios and Periklis Tatsis have been viticulturists and winemakers all their life. They come from a family of viticulturists who immigrated from Eastern Rumelia to the area of Goumenissa in 1924. They belong to a small group of pioneer Greek winemakers who, back in the 1990s, started applying minimal intervention techniques in winemaking. They focused on biodynamic culture in an effort to create a healthy ecosystem bustling with life. However, they state that they merely follow the example of their grandparents who lived in the area of Goumenissa, an area of long tradition in viticulture. The family-owned vineyards are located at the limestone soils of Limbaskerit hillock and Gerakona. These soils are ideal for winegrowing and reward their owners’ passion and attention. Those particularly healthy grapes arrive at a winery where commercial yeast, enzymes or other preparations have never been used and sulphites have practically disappeared. The wines are given the required time to mature and there is no rush for their commercialization. Times passes slowly in the winery and the wines benefit from this. The term “natural wines” which has been widely used by the market has nothing to do with the philosophy of Tatsis brothers. Instead, they prefer using the term “real wines” that are made with passion, love, care and patience and symbolize Tatsis brothers’ beliefs. Their wine Tatsis Goumenissa leaves the winery after a considerable ageing period and a visit to the winery’s cellar reveals a unique treasure of old harvests. For all of us at Mr. Vertigo, Tatsis brothers are unique, small-scale producer who follow their own course and have changed the agenda of Greek wine by paving the way for the future of Greek winemaking…

The winery

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Winery: Tatsis

Region: Goumenissa-Greece

Wine Varietals: Negosca, Xinomavro, Limnio, Roditis, Malagousia 

Cultivation: Organic, Biodynamic