Winery Envinate

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Envínate is the ultimate symbol of the new era of Spanish wine.

Like other modern Don Quixotes, the four friends from the school of oenology - Roberto Santana, Laura Ramos, Alfonso Torrente and José Martínez - are looking for abandoned vineyards in areas such as Tenerife and Ribeira Sacra. Vineyards that can be grown exclusively by hand or with the help of horses, so laborious and tedious that no one else would want to cultivate.

The project started in 2008 with the purchase of a small plot of old vineyards of the Mencía variety in the Ribeira Sacra, where Torrente comes from. This was followed by 300-year-old vines in the volcanic soils of the Tenerife homeland of Santana and in the limestone soils of Almansa. In each area they operate they have a separate winery.

In addition to the privately owned vineyards they have collected, they also work with about 60 growers. They always target old vineyards exclusively from native Spanish - often forgotten - varieties grown on the basis of organic farming. The wines are made exclusively with indigenous yeasts, in neutral barrels or cement, without the use of stainless steel tanks and with little sulfite when needed.

The result is a series of temperamental wines that show the personality of each vineyard, convey the message of each year and bring the personality of each of the four to the glass.

The excellent idea and the profile of Envínate wines, ethereal, attractive in aromas with fine light lines, attracted the interest of many sommelier, launching the fame of the wines in a flash all over the world. They are old school wines, out of the ordinary that have a terrible pulse that can only captivate you.

For us at Mr Vertigo, Envínate is the best representation of the value of diversity today. Wines that have the elegance of Burgundy or Jura that we equally love. They are wines that bring Spanish wine into a new era.

The winery

  • Envinate

Winery: Εnvinate

Established: 2008

Region: Tenerife/Ribeira Sacra/Almansa - Spain

Wine Varietals: Mencia, Palo Blanco, Listan Blanco, Albillo Criollo, Marmajuelo, Baboso, Listan Negro

Cultivation: Organic, Farming with horses